Am I Qualified to Become a Express © Affiliate?

If you're interested in becoming a Express © Affiliate, see if you've got what it takes to join our program.
Who we're looking for:
-Web marketers committed to preserving the integrity of the © brand
-Franchise companies searching for a cost effective solution for business formation requirements
-Esq., CPAs, CFAs & CFPs exploring value added services to their clientele
-Companies with online marketing specialists and content writing teams
-Companies who look for niche products and build sites to promote products
-Website owners with a strong SEO presence for legal keywords
-Sites or directories that are targeted and useful to online shoppers

We are not accepting applications for companies who promote:
-Coupon or incentives-only websites
-Applications or adware known to overwrite cookies
-Excessive use of banners with no supporting content
-Flash or graphics-only websites
-Websites that have no value-add content
-Use of black-hat SEO tactics
-Any version of spam