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Q. What is the ExpressFirm.com © Affiliate Program?

A. The ExpressFirm.com © Affiliate Program is a way for you to earn a commission by promoting ExpressFirm.com © products using banner ads or text links within your website. Each time a visitor clicks on a ExpressFirm.com © link on your website and completes a purchase, you'll earn money.

Q. Why should I join?

A. There are many benefits of being an affiliate! It's free to join, and earn money working with one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

Q. Does it cost anything to become a ExpressFirm.com © affiliate?

A. No. Once you're approved, membership to the ExpressFirm.com © Affiliate Program is free.

Q. How do I join the ExpressFirm.com © Affiliate Program?

A. You will need to complete an application. We'll review your application and notify you within 1-3 business days if it is approved.

Q. Interested in promoting a product or service to ExpressFirm.com © customers?

A. If you have a product or service that would benefit ExpressFirm.com © customers please email our Business Development team at partnerships@expressfirm.com.

Q. Is my website eligible?

A. We review each application carefully and determine your eligibility at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to reject or remove sites at any time, for any reason. To learn more about the criteria we use in evaluating potential affiliates, please read the Requirements tab.

Q. Can I become and affiliate if my website is "under construction?"

A. If your website is not yet completed or is "under construction," send an email to affiliates@expressfirm.com with a brief description of how you intend to promote ExpressFirm.com © (email, website, newsletter, search engines, etc.). From there, our affiliate team will be able to determine your eligibility.

Q. How much can I earn?

A. For each completed sale, you earn a 15% commission. Government filing fees and product add-ons are not included in the calculation. Check ExpressFirm.com © for current product pricing.

Q. How are commissions paid?

A. Payments are made on a Net 45 basis. For example, we'll send out a payment on July 15th for all commissions earned in June. For other billing questions, please send an email to affiliates@expressfirm.com.

Q. How do I keep track of my sales and commissions?

A. Our system allows you to see the clicks and sales you've generated in real time. Get up-to-the-minute information on activity by selecting "Reporting" from the side menu bar. Next, select the date range and campaigns you'd like to view.

Q. What is the cookie duration?

A. We offer a 30-day cookie duration that allows you to earn commission for up to 30 days after someone clicks on your ExpressFirm.com © ad and completes an order.

Q.  How do I report a missing order?

A. Please send an email to affiliates@expressfirm.com if you haven't received credit or payment for an order.

Q. What happens if a customer I referred cancels a sale?

A. If an order is canceled or not completed, you will not receive a commission for that transaction.

Q. What if I'm having problems signing in?

A. First, make sure you are using the correct sign in and password provided in your welcome email or you can click on the "Forgot Your Password" link. You can find the affiliate sign in at www.affiliates.expressfirm.com. You cannot sign in to our affiliate dashboard from the ExpressFirm.com © homepage. If you are still having problems, email us at affiliates@expressfirm.com.

Q. Who can I contact for more information?

A. If you have any additional questions about the ExpressFirm.com © Affiliate Program, email us at affiliates@expressfirm.com.